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Jaykco Strap - Red Tartan

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Jaykco Strap - Red Tartan * Model: PDRT1 * Head: Toast Suede * Tail: Toast Suede * Top: Red, White, Yellow and Green Plaid * Back: Toast Suede * Edged: Yes * Stitching: Toast * Maximum length: 55 inches * Width: 2 inches
Jaykco is a mother and son design team out of Kansas City.
Every strap is handmade in the Kansas City area.

They are not factory perfect but we do try to make each one as uniquely
wonderful as possible.

The Heads & Tail (ends) are double suede with stitched keyholes for durability and security.
The back is a thick suede, with no vinyl or rivets to rip out.
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